i love you so much, i wanna punch you 


did you know when you met me
what ecstasy we’d create,
the zombies we’d destroy?
could you taste the chaos on my lips
each night we drank to our youth?
jaws slack, erupting in cloudy stacks
of colorless nonchalance. 
the veil I wore on our wedding day has disintegrated over time
now it appears a harlot’s spiderweb,
red & torn & gaping & angry
the shelves to hold our jars broke,
black jars of repressed memories &
broken promises. damage control.
the secret I always wanted to tell you is this:
I’m in love with your scars.
you make me sigh in ways
I’m nowhere near ready for, ways
that dictate untainted & pure attraction.
when I sing through tears
you detect every waver in tone,
every stutter or mumble or moan.
your aura I attempt to capture
is like a chief’s war cry
& the sweat of writer’s block
& overly salted pretzels
& bloody sunshine.

– Meduca

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